I apologize for lying,” Meghan pleaded helplessly, begging Kate for forgiveness and permission to return to the royal family, accompanied by a special request

Meghan Markle is reportedly eager to mend fences with Princess Kate and has extended an olive branch. According to sources, Meghan reached out to Kate before Trooping the Color, the official celebration of the King’s birthday, where Kate made her first public appearance since announcing a break from public duties due to her cancer diagnosis.

Sources reveal that Meghan and Prince Harry initiated contact with Kate in hopes of resolving their long-standing feud. This move comes after Harry addressed moments of discord between Kate and Meghan in his candid memoir released last year.

A close source shared, “Meghan is determined to be seen as the bigger person and put an end to this rift between them. Mending fences and portraying herself as a peacemaker can only enhance her public image. Despite their differences, Meghan genuinely empathizes with Kate and understands the challenges she must be facing.”

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The insider continued, “Meghan has expressed her desire to move past the animosity and work towards healing for everyone involved. She is ready to let go of any lingering anger or bitterness. However, ultimately, the decision rests with Kate. All Meghan and Harry can do is continue to reach out and offer olive branches.”

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Reports suggest that Meghan and Kate’s relationship has been strained since Meghan was introduced to the royal family, with tensions escalating in the lead-up to Harry and Meghan’s wedding in May 2018.

Allegedly, there was friction between Kate and Meghan over Princess Charlotte’s bridesmaid dress, which reportedly led to a tearful episode for Meghan after a text message disagreement. Kate later sent flowers and an apology card to mend fences.

The rift between Prince William and Harry reportedly deepened in 2019 following a heated argument over Meghan, where Harry claimed his brother had physically confronted him. A year later, Harry and Meghan stepped down as senior royals and relocated to Montecito, California.

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