Parents’ Love Drives Them to Remove Daughter’s Birthmark

An Unusual Journey

In an effort to support and protect their children, parents go above and beyond. British mother Celine Casey did something extraordinary for her daughter Vienna Brookshaw. Vienna was born in April 2021, and on her forehead, in the space between her eyebrows, she had a birthmark.

The birthmark, congenital melanocytic nevus (CMN), did not cause any health problems, but Casey was worried about how Vienna’s birthmark would affect her emotionally as she grew older.

An Unusual Ailment

Congenital melanocytic nevus (CMN) is an uncommon condition in which a baby is born with a benign cluster of pigment cells. These cells are able to multiply in tandem with the developing youngster. Concerned about the challenges her daughter would face in the future, Casey went immediately to the doctors to discuss her options for having the birthmark removed, fearing that Vienna would grow to despise her parents.

Vienna’s incredibly caring mother, Casey, said, “We cherish every moment of Vienna’s journey and eagerly await the day she can express her own thoughts.” With or without a birthmark, we would always and forever love her.


The Need to Acknowledge

Vienna’s birthmark inspired Casey to have it removed because her baby appeared uneasy when people stared at her. Vienna became even more adamant about pursuing the removal because she was treated differently than other babies.

Overcoming Challenges

The National Health Service (NHS) denied Casey’s initial request for the procedure, stating that it was more cosmetic than essential for his health. Undaunted, Casey started a crowdfunding campaign to get the necessary amount of money from generous contributors. In just one day, the campaign raised an amazing $52,000. Unfortunately, because of increased hospital costs during the COVID-19 outbreak, they still require an additional $27,000 for the treatment.


They returned to GoFundMe to try and gather more money for Vienna’s birthmark removal treatment. As Casey put it, “Everyone has insecurities about their body.” Even though the doctor told us it wouldn’t currently damage Vienna’s mental health, we saw it differently. Little ones notice these things because they are perceptive, especially when they start school at age three.

A Road Map for Recuperation

Vienna is now a healthy two-year-old with just a small scar on her forehead from the successful removal of her birthmark. Casey often informs her readers on her daughter’s recovery while complimenting her on her newborn daughter’s extraordinary beauty.

The worried parents even made the effort to travel to London in order to have the surgeon to verify that the small scar was healing. Vienna had had three surgeries and treatments already, so they wanted to make sure she wouldn’t require any more. Thankfully, she is doing well right now and doesn’t require any additional care.

Vienna’s Hopeful Future

We extend our heartfelt greetings to little Vienna. As she grows older, we hope that she will always be healthy and happy. Tell people about her inspirational story without holding back!

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