King Charles Gives ‘Blessing’ To Kate For Something Diana Could Never Do

King Charles has certainly had his fair share of problems over the years. Even going back to his marriage with Diana, we saw difficulties then and we continue to see difficulties for the monarch today.

It seems as if he may be learning from some of the issues he faced when he was younger, as he has given the nod to Kate Middleton to do something that Princess Diana was never able to do. That simple something is for Kate and Prince William to be out in the front and the royal family.

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In the past, particularly when he was married to Diana, he displayed some jealousy when she took the limelight away from him. It is no secret that he did not care much for the fact that Diana would get more attention than he did.

When she gave her 1995 interview, Diana also spoke about it saying that there were a great deal of complicated situations associated with it. She said: “The pressure on us both as a couple with the media was phenomenal, and misunderstood by a great many people.

“We’d be going round Australia, for instance, and all you could hear was, ‘Oh, she’s on the other side.’

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“Now, if you’re a man like my husband, a proud man, you mind about that if you hear it every day for four weeks. And you feel low about it, instead of feeling happy and sharing it.

“A great deal of complicated situations arose because of that.”

Now that King Charles has taken the throne as of September 2022, some people wondered if he would feel similarly toward Kate Middleton and his son, Prince William. Robert Jobson, who is a royal expert, even suggested that he is now comfortable with the situation and understands that they are the future of the royal family.

Jobson said: “Whilst it is Charles’ head that wears the Crown, it is William, Catherine and their children that will steal the limelight. They are bound to.

“And it is right. This time, it will be with Charles’s blessing – for he knows for monarchy to survive it must be relevant to the younger generation.”

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