If you ever notice your door handle with a rubber band

Our homes are meant to be sanctuaries, offering peace and safety. However, even with surveillance cameras, burglars are evolving, discovering innovative methods to breach our defenses.

Kim Fleming Cernigliaro, from Texas, raised alarms about a new tactic burglars employ. Alone at home, she was startled by persistent knocking. Opting for safety, she didn’t answer. Later, she discovered a rubber band on her door handle, an unfamiliar sight that prompted her to call the police.

The officers clarified a sinister intent behind this. When homeowners unlatch their doors to answer, the “rubber band keeps the latch open,” allowing burglars an easier entry. With the band in place, shutting and locking the door becomes impossible.

Kim’s revelation underscores the importance of caution. She’s fervently warning others about this deceptive trick, urging everyone to be wary when confronted by unfamiliar signs or unexpected visitors. It’s essential to stay informed and share such information, safeguarding our communities against evolving criminal tactics.

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