Devastating footage shows Céline Dion suffering symptoms of crippling illness years before diagnosis

Devastating footage of Céline Dion suffering symptoms of the crippling Still Person Syndrome (SPS) has reportedly come to light, though it was first used in one of her old documentaries.

It was back in 2022 that the superstar singer first broke the news that she had been diagnosed with the incurable autoimmune neurological disease, taking to Instagram to post a brave and emotional video.

Since then much has been speculated regarding Dion’s career, with the star determined to return to singing in whatever capacity possible. The 56-year-old was forced to cancel all the dates of her world tour throughout 2023 and 2024, and certain reports have painted a bleak outlook.

In a trailer released last month for Dion’s new documentary, she could be seen on the verge of tears as she discussed coping with a life wherein she cannot perform as she has done for the past few decades.

Earlier his week, the Heart Will Go On songstress revealed that she had been fighting Stiff Person Syndrome behind the scenes before she revealed her diagnosis to the public.

Speaking candidly to Today’s Hoda Kotb, she admitted that eventually the act of keeping her illness a secret simply became “too much”.

Devastating footage shows Céline Dion suffering symptoms of crippling illness years before diagnosis
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“What do you want me to say? I have what? We did not know what was going on. I should’ve stopped and taken the time to figure out and taken the time like it’s not enough,” she explained.

“My husband as well, was fighting for his own life. I had to raise my kids, I had to hide, I had to try and be a hero, feeling my body leaving me, holding onto my own dreams.

“And lying, for me, the burden was too much. Lying to people who got me where I am today – I could not do it anymore.”

The singer then described SPS – a symptom of which is uncontrollable muscle spasms – as like “somebody is strangling you”.

Devastating footage shows Céline Dion suffering symptoms of crippling illness years before diagnosis

“It’s like somebody is pushing your larynx/pharynx this way,” she said.

Now, unearthed footage from Céline 2010 documentary, Céline: Through the Eyes of the World, sees the singer, then just 40, discussing vocal “spasms” and “cold like symptoms” with her doctor.

“My main problem now is my neck, I cannot relax my neck so I cannot relax my vocal chords so I cannot vocal exercise well,” she says in the clip

“My main problem is not that I can’t do the highs, I’m spasming, my eyebrows are spasming, my ears. I tell you I’m gonna flip soon, I’m telling you.”

Dion also confided in her team while on tour about her ongoing struggles.

“To make a long story short, by the time I went to the meet and greet my breathing was too rapid, I was spasmed up too much, I couldn’t finish a phrase,” the star said.

“The show has not started yet, I was saying hello to people and I couldn’t breathe, I went on with the show

“And when I sang “I drove all night for the first time” it was [out of tune] “I drove all night” right there. Yesterday night after doing everything I was spitting out mucus.”

All our thoughts are with Céline Dion as she fights her current battle.

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