The Late Queen Left Princess Charlotte A Beautiful Gift Amid 9th B-Day Brought Catherine In Tears

Princess Charlotte is celebrating her ninth birthday today, but one of the major gifts in her life yet came from her late great-grandmother.

Prince George may be the eldest of the three whales children but according to the late Queen it’s princess Charlotte who’s the boss today many happy returns to Charlotte with the Royals celebrating turning nine her birthday portrait this year is filled with a very special emotional meaning that reflects the deep bond between the young Princess and the late Queen Elizabeth II ever since her birth the whales mid child has become one of the most popular members of the royal family with fans delighted whenever they go to see her during the Royal occasion or outing and nothing could be more wonderful as one of the major gifts in her life that came from her late great grandmother that caused a major change in the line of succession at the time of Princess Anne’s birth the succession of the crown act meant that once her two younger brothers were born she was then pushed down the line but this didn’t happen to Charlotte as we had said her mother princess Katherine has sought to maintain the tradition of commemorating her children’s birthday by posting a portrait that she’s captured herself Royal fans have expressed their delight and collectively pointed out how grown up princess Charlotte looks in the adorable new photograph she is seen beaming with a cute smile posing next to Cletus Elizabeth flowers which were named after the late Queen Elizabeth II these flowers were among the first plants to be named after the late Monarch and Bloom in Spring and early summer Queen Elizabeth II’s love of gardening was no secret as she was sponsored by the rhs for more than in seven decades Charlotte’s gangan attended the iconic Chelsea flower show more than 50 times during her long Reign no doubt Katherine’s choice to photograph her daughter next to the clementis Elizabeth flowers for princess Charlotte’s birthday portrait who was a nice tribute to Queen Elizabeth II.

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Princess Charlotte is the late Queen’s great-granddaughter (Image: GETTY)

Princess Charlotte was granted a major historic gift from the late Queen Elizabeth that caused a major change in the line of succession.

The young royal, who celebrates her ninth birthday today, was saved from an unfair shift in royal status after her younger brother’s birth due to one change made by the late Queen.

At the time of Princess Anne’s birth, the Succession of the Crown Act meant that once her two youngers brothers’ were born, she was then pushed down the line – but this didn’t happen to Charlotte.

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In 2013, the year of Prince George’s birth, the late Queen updated the royal laws which meant that babies born into the Royal Family would have equal rights, regardless of their gender.

As a girl, Princess Charlotte – then fourth in line to the throne – kept her place upon Louis’s birth in April 2018.

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Charlotte strikes me as quite a confident young lady but the two brothers she will no doubt be looking to her mother and other women in the family as role models from her great grandmother the queen to her own mum indeed princess Charlotte’s connection to the queen goes beyond their family ties one video has resurfaced again as the little princess celebrates her birthday and Kensington Palace released a very special photograph containing a tribute to the late Elizabeth II even though the video dates back to December 2019 Royal fans have been delighted with the behavior of little Charlotte during the traditional walk many people gather to watch family members pass by it was at that moment when when a royal Observer beckoned Charlotte then four years old with outstretched arms without hesitation the little princess paused briefly before reaching out and hugging The Stranger in a touching display of affection with the message she’s the cutest girl accompanying the video viewers couldn’t resist commenting on the princess’s spontaneous and innocent gesture although some expressed concern about the appropriateness of a stranger hugging a child Princess Kate did not object to the interaction her great-grandmother once remarked on the prince princess’s protective personality back in January 2018 when Charlotte was just 2 years old and her brother George was four at the time she was presenting a book to a 10-year-old student Emily clay when the queen asked the student if she looked after her younger sister Emily’s mother replied it’s the other way around to which the Monarch replied it’s like that with Charlotte and George the young daughter of Prince William and Princess Catherine inherited her great-grandmother’s love of horses a passion that Charlotte symbolically acknowledged during the Monarch’s funeral in September 2022 when she wore a horseshoe brooch gifted to by her great grandmother as a sweet nod to her late great-grandmother.

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Explaining the change in 2013, constitutional expert Iain MacMarthanne said: “The 2013 Act sought to bring multiple pieces of outdated and discriminatory legislation relating to the monarchy up to date.

“Through this Act male primogeniture was abolished, allowing the firstborn child irrespective of gender to become heir apparent.

“The disqualification from inheriting the throne by marrying a Catholic was removed; and the Royal Marriages Act of 1772 was repealed, resulting in only the first six in line to the throne being required to obtain the sovereign’s permission.”

Princess Charlotte was born on May 2, 2015 and is the second child of the Prince and Princess of Wales – who, at the time of her birth, already had Prince George, now 10.

As a sweet nod to her late great-grandmother, Charlotte was given the middle name of ‘Elizabeth’. She was also given ‘Diana’ as a middle name, which is her late paternal grandmother, Princess Diana’s name.

Charlotte was given the middle name of Elizabeth she was also given Diana as a middle name which is her late paternal grandmother Princess Diana’s name.

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