When The Camera Zooms Out We Understand Why Her Photo Is Being Shared By Millions

Aimee Copeland, then 24 years old, was a graduate student at UGA in 2012.

That year, she took a break from school to celebrate the final weeks of high school with her pals and prepare for graduation.

The group eventually made plans to visit a nearby lake and ride ziplines across the water. The daring bunch wanted to give it a shot right now.

Aimee had no idea how drastically her life would alter in that instant.

When The Camera Zooms Out We Understand Why Her Photo Is Being Shared By Millions
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The breathtaking scenery below can be viewed while zipping along a long, stretched wire. In most cases, it’s totally risk-free.

When it was Aimee’s turn, though, everything went wrong.

Aimee was about to plunge from a cliff when the cable gave way and she dropped. She had a leg amputated that day.

Tragically, the tragedy didn’t end when Aimee was transferred to the hospital.

It was considerably worse than the doctors had thought. The 24-year-old was in grave danger because flesh-eating germs had invaded the wound.

Necrotizing fasciitis, sometimes known as a flesh-eating illness, was the result of a severe incision on her leg becoming infected with the bacteria Aeromonas hydrophila after she fell.

Aimee was successful and adapted after 11 operations and rigorous therapy, but she lost both hands and legs as a result.

Over the course of four years following the accident, Aimee has slowly but surely adapted to her new life, and now this image of the warrior is sweeping social media and inspiring many.

Aimee is wearing a bikini on the beach and shows off her scars and amputations with no shame.

She wrote: “It has taken me a long time to become comfortable with and accept my new body. We are ALL made with imperfections and there is so much beauty in our flaws. The scars and skin grafting build character! It’s not about what you have — what you do with what you have is what really counts.”

When The Camera Zooms Out We Understand Why Her Photo Is Being Shared By Millions

In the year 2023, Aimee Copeland is still speaking out for the rights of amputees and people with disabilities and inspiring audiences with her positive outlook.

Aimee is an activist and a student at the University of West Georgia, where she is working for a doctorate in psychology.

To learn more, check out the following video:

Aimee, you inspire me to be a stronger, more fearless woman. We are all greatly motivated by your example.

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