The doctor implanted a battery of some sort in her back. What this little lady witnessed in just a few minutes will stay with her till the end of all days.

When Susan McKenzie looked down at her wrist, she observed a redness that turned out to be an inflammation that caused an uncomfortable itching sensation.

The young lady couldn’t figure out why this was happening to her, so she made an appointment with a doctor. She instantly recognized the source of the problem: nickel.

It wasn’t just recently that she learned it. Nickel allergy affects 11 million children throughout the world and affects one in six individuals in North America. Cause? Electrical gadgets!

Nickel has grown more challenging to avoid as a result of technology’s continued development and increased presence in our lives. Susan’s allergy was brought on by a portable exercise equipment.

However, nickel may be found in jewelry, stainless steel products, electrical equipment, cell phones, computers, and tablets.

The inevitable disease of the twenty-first century is nickel allergy. To avoid discomfort, doctors advise leaving watches and fitness equipment as broad as possible on the hand.

This allergy is even brought on by some foods. Dermatologists advise those who are aware of their condition to stay away from soy, soy sauce, tofu cheese, cocoa powder, and shells.

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