Weeks after Kate Middleton’s hospitalization, an alarming update from her mother has confirmed the rumors are true

Kate Middleton has had a lot of people surrounding and supporting her all her life. Her mother and father, Carole and Michael Middleton have always been at her side, and while the princess was bullied as a youngster, they never stopped believing in her potential. Although she has become royal, her parents are still very close to their daughter, and Carole loves caring for and spending time with both Kate and William. But, naturally, also very much ‘with their grandchildren, Prince George, Pricness Charlotte, and Prince Louis.

Carole and Michael do their best to arrange fun activities with their grandchildren. As Kate is recovering from surgery and William has to take on even more responsibilities at home, the Middletons have stepped up to help.

Meanwhile, it is no secret that family members have been worried about Kate’s health and how the surgery will affect her future. A royal expert claims that her mother, Carole, was concerned about the surgery and did something quite surprising.

Kate Middleton’s life has had its fair share of ups and downs. But when she was young, her family went through what could be called a gold rush.

Weeks after Kate Middleton’s hospitalization, an alarming update from her mother has confirmed the rumors are true


Born on January 9, 1982, at the Royal Berkshire Hospital in Reading, Kate grew up in a happy home with her parents, Carole and Michael Middleton, and two younger siblings: sister Pippa and brother James. They founded Party Piece on Kate’s fifth birthday as they had found a gap in the market for elegant tablescapes.

Carole and Michael Middleton founded the company in 1987. Kate’s mother said that only being able to find paper plates with clowns on them while planning Kate’s fifth birthday party led her to create the business.

“Party Pieces was literally born at our kitchen table, so I suppose the ‘big break’ moment came when I realized there were lots of other parents looking for more affordable and imaginative partyware and that I had correctly identified a gap in the market for quality products that added something special,” Carole told SheerLuxe. “It was so exciting knowing I had a business idea that could work.”

The princess’ mother further revealed that it had been a family company from the start – and that even Kate was a part of it.

“Pippa wrote our ‘Party Times’ blog, James did the cakes when he first left school and Catherine developed our first birthday and baby category,” Carole said.

“My husband and I were young and a little inexperienced, but very enthusiastic, so we didn’t worry too much.”

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