My husband’s friend accidentally exposed that he is cheating on me and I took my revenge gracefully

Amy was looking for a Saturday spent with her husband of six years, Mark, but as he kissed her on the forehead, he told her he needed to be at the office because he had loads of work. He even assured her that in case he’s able to take his work home, he’ll do that and he’ll bring some Indian food.

Mark and Amy knew each other long before they tied the knot because they worked at the same building. Mark was a Casanova who always dated different girls, but when he finally decided to settle down, he chose Amy.


Although she wanted to spend the day with him, Amy still found this as an opportunity to take some time for herself and enjoy a good book and a cup of tea.

But just as she dived into the pages, she received a message. At first, she decided to ignore it, bit since it was from Tom, her husband’s best friend who felt like family, she was intrigued to see it.

It was in fact a voicemail. Tom could be heard saying, “Hi, I’m running a little late for our double date. I’ll be there at around 2 PM, okay? It’s Coachella, right?”

This left Amy in confusion. She didn’t recall Mark mentioning anything about a double date. She believed Tom got things confused and ignored the message, but something told her that there could be more to the message so he decided to inspect.


Coachella turned out to be an outdoor restaurant that tried to keep the festival theme running with loud music and low-hanging decor so it was easy for Amy to blend with the surroundings.

When she arrived to the place, she asked for a secluded table that would offer a clear view to the entrance. As she waited, she felt anxious. She hoped Mark wouldn’t show up, or in case he did, he would be there alone. But that’s not what happened.

Minutes passed by before Mark entered the place accompanied by a striking woman dressed in designer gear from head to toe.


Amy’s heart sank as Mark approached a table where Tom and his wife Sasha were already seated. When they saw Mark, they hugged him and the four seemed to have a fun time together. Smiling and having a blast, it was as though they forgot Amy existed in their lives.

However, no matter how hurt she felt at that moment, Amy knew it wasn’t time for tears but for action. She called the waiter and told him to bring the best champagne to Mark’s table.

Sensing the undercurrent of drama, the waiter complied with a nod and a small smile.

When he brought the champagne to Mark, he started laughing, not assuming his wife was watching him.


At that moment, Amy took a photo of him with the other woman and posted it on Facebook, tagging Mark on the post.

When he saw the notification, the color drained from his face as he frantically searched the room, unable to spot his wife.

Amy then called the waiter once again, ordered another champagne and wrote a message on a piece of paper which said, “To a memorable double date and our divorce, cheers!

She then left the restaurant and went home.

Mark came home a couple of hours later and packed his things. He said he didn’t mean to cheat on Amy, he was just having fun. But she didn’t want to listen to his lies.


Mark went to Tom’s place and Amy hadn’t heard from him for a week. It was then that she knew the time came for her to file the divorce papers.

What would you do if you were in her place?

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