A Young Girl Was Surrounded By 14 Dogs, But The Moment The Girl Raised Her Hands To The Skies, A Miraculous Event Took Place

Humans and dogs have been pals for ages because we both possess similar cognitive talents.

Incredible brain similarities between humans and dogs have been discovered, which may help to explain how well-adjusted the two species have been to one another for more than 30,000 years.

Studies show that humans and dogs use the same parts of the brain to perceive the emotions expressed in spoken words.

This is how the movie explains the strange bond that develops between a little child and a group of German shepherds.

The adorable video of the kid playing with the 14 canines rapidly went viral online.

The movie offers a different viewpoint to the commonly held assumption that these canines are dangerous and aggressive around children.

Returning to the study, the findings imply that dogs show concern for humans for the same reasons that people do, such as social comfort or interpersonal relationships, and that their love for us extends beyond simply providing them with food.

Previous studies conducted by American researchers at Emory University in Atlanta, USA, have discovered that humans and dogs have a brain region connected to sensations of joy.

In fact, this research supports what dog owners have long suspected to be true: that their canine companions feel affection and devotion.

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