Miss Linda is on the Red carpet see how young she looks despite her age picture under

Miss Linda is on the Red carpet, see how young she looks despite her age picture under

Linda is already 70, can you imagine? She was shining in Red carped. She was there because of her friend who was about to have an award i that event. Her friend’s name is Diane.

She was there in long heels, but soon, as you can see,

was not wearing them. No shoes – no problem, this is how she thinks. No one could notice that her shoes were missing, as her dress was very long and covered all her feet.

Her dress was white with gray and black shades, which were very beautiful and suitable according to her age.

She was shining in her time and even got the pseudonym Gold woman. She was miss world, the USA.

Her hair looked perfect too as there was no see a single white hair in her head.

Her black hair was looking just perfect in the red carpet background.

And she was wearing were beautiful earrings which were making her Friday evening look perfect.
Linda has shared her beauty secrets earlier.

She told several times in her interviews what to do to keep young and perfect skin.

She said about her mom, who passed away when he was 90. And she was not seemed to be 90. She also said to them that she is not ugly because of her genetics.

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