Say Hello to Maine Coon Cat Valkyrie – Who Was Born With a Unique and Adorable “Human Face”!

Maine Coon cats are one of the oldest and largest domesticated cat breeds in North America. They are known for their distinctively human-like faces and beautiful coats. While they are not the first pet with a human-like face, they are certainly unique and special!
Valkyrie is the latest cat to take the internet by storm. With her human-like facial expressions and fussy attitude, she’s quickly become one of the most popular cats on Instagram. It’s no wonder she’s become so popular – she’s absolutely adorable!

Despite her human-like facial expressions, the six-month-old cat is just as finicky as any other feline.

Valkyrie, like all other types, enjoys cuddling. Tatiana Rastorgueva, Valkyries’ fur mom, enjoys photographing her spoiled fluffy ball and posting on Instagram, where she has approximately 70,000 followers.

A dog with a humanoid face went viral on social media recently. “People say he looks like a gigantic person or marvel at his eyes,” Nori, the dog’s mother said. “He just wants to make friends with everyone he meets.” He has strange habits, such as ‘kneading’ with his front paws, as cats do.”

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