Despite being away from her mother, the elephant is still safe and feels good.

There are several reasons why people are drawn to elephants. Some are fascinated by their height and power. Others like their kind disposition. Whatever the motivation, it is obvious that people have a strong fondness for elephants.

When a lone elephant was spotted in the clearing one evening, everyone at the center was shocked to see it. The extremely young elephant was alone; no other elephants were around. In addition, it was odd for a mother to abandon her kid in this manner. He was cared for at a wildlife rehabilitation center.

Mocca is a gentle and endearing baby. “Now he trusts us and frees himself a little more and more every day,” one of the physicians said. After two days, Mocca ate the food that the careers had suggested and drank milk from a pail. On the third day, he was already drinking milk from a bottle.

The consequence was that the elephant was given the name Mocca and is now in great health. The crew discovered that Mocca had ventured independently at least four kilometers from the Park after tracking his route through the woodland.

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