Every Day, the Dog Waits Outside His Mother’s Store To Greet Customers

Nelson began accompanying Steyaert, a women’s clothing vendor at Belgium’s outdoor markets and street fairs when he was still a puppy in order to handle his stress.

Steyaert said: “He’s an extremely sensitive dog. Although he is a calm and chill dog at home, he dislikes being left alone. He enjoys being outside the most.”

Instead of leaving him at home throughout the day, Steyaert chose to keep Nelson in front of her stand with his own blanket while she was working. He could relax there and observe his surroundings.

Nelson quickly realized that keeping calm in this place would attract the interest of customers.

Steyaert said, “What affects me the most is when he lifts his paw to shake with others. He is excellent at stealing people’s hearts.

Nelson can receive anything from casual head turns to maximum love from people who are walking by his mom’s place of work. He was described as a “lovely and gentle dog” by several people. Some people would even bring him a treat.

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