A Blind Rabbit Is Left Alone in a Box With Just His Favorite Plush Bunny

When the Good Samaritan arrived and raised the towel, an old rabbit who was blind was snuggled up with a toy bunny.

The Good Samaritan took the rabbit, later named Guinness, to a nearby veterinarian. Then he immediately called the RSPCA in the hopes that they could take him in.

“This poor rabbit must have been terribly afraid to be abandoned out in the cold like this with only a plush toy for comfort,” an RSPCA animal collection officer said.

Guinness was particularly attached to his stuffed bunny, almost like a security blanket. HE took great comfort in his cuddly companion from the minute Wright went out to get him. The toy definitely helps him feel protected, and Guinness needs his bunny to accompany him wherever he goes.

Despite his ordeal, Guinness was in fantastic shape. His rescuers were shocked that the blind rabbit was still optimistic and joyous after being abandoned in such a way.

“We do see people abandoning their animals in this manner,” Wright admitted. We understand that people’s circumstances may change and they may find themselves unable to care for their pets. Abandoning an animal is never an option.

Guinness is currently in the care of the RSPCA and is doing well. He is quite friendly and enjoys sleeping with his plush companion.So he and his fuzzy companion would be excellent additions to any home.

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