The Adorable, Earless Cat Named Potato That Was Saved From the Streets Gets a Forever Home and a Best Friend

Every living thing desires to be cherished and taken care of. Regardless of his physical limitations,

By the way, those who struggle with their health tend to be the closest and most appreciative friends.

The cat with the name Potato, which we’ll tell you about right now, is also
We can attest that this is the most adorable and appealing cat without ears.

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Potato was homeless in a Chinese city before being taken to a shelter.

He was located by volunteers two years ago.

Potato was simply in a poor situation at the moment. He had lichen, fleas, and various skin irritations.

Additionally, there were significant ear issues.
Doctors have not been able to treat the cat’s benign tumor in its ears.
The doctors also chose to amputate the cat’s ears rather than subject him to repeated surgical procedures.

Meet Potato, the adorable earless rescue cat who's a social media sensation  | Metro News

And the cat started to feel better. Potato was soon removed from the shelter by a caring individual.

The earless cat lives with a buddy there who goes by the name of Horlick.

Potato hears a bit, according to his owner’s social media posts.

No one knows when he was born or how old he is right now since he was a stray cat.

Adorable earless cat named Potato becomes an internet sensation after  cancer diagnosis - Mirror Online

On April 25th, he was “adopted”. The owners, therefore, believed that day to be his birthday.
They always commemorate the amusing and lovable cat named Potato’s birthday on April 25.


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