Prince Harry believes Meghan Markle ‘should take over as queen’

Prince Harry and Meghan Markle, the Duchess of Sussex, may be residing in the United States, but according to royal biographer Angelina Levin, Harry believes that his wife should ascend to the throne as Queen of Great Britain. In a candid conversation with Uncancelled’s Dan Wooton, Levin revealed insights into the couple’s dynamics and their relationship with the royal family.

A Historical Scenario

Harry’s assertion that Meghan should take over as queen would require significant changes within the British monarchy. Currently, Prince William, as the direct heir to the throne, stands ahead in the line of succession. For Harry and Meghan to reign, William and his three children would need to step aside, ensuring a Sussex-led monarchy.

Prince Harry believes Meghan Markle ‘should take over as queen’

Royal biographer Angelina Levin claimed in a candid conversation with Uncancelled’s Dan Wooton: “[Harry] thinks that it was very bad that Meghan wasn’t questioned about what should be done to make the royal family up to date,” Angela said in the interview published on Monday, April 8, about the dynamic Harry and Meghan shared with the firm before they moved to California. “And [Meghan] said herself that she felt that they should have asked her what should be done rather than Kate because she is a self-made woman and she’s got much more experience.”

Late Queen Elizabeth II’s Efforts

Levin, who spent 15 months with Harry while writing her best-selling biography “Harry: Conversations with the Prince,” also discussed the late Queen Elizabeth II’s role. The queen made efforts to ensure the couple’s comfort within the royal family, even allowing Meghan to continue acting if she desired. However, Levin suggests that Meghan’s ultimate goal was to secure a title and financial stability, which she achieved by marrying Harry.

Alleged Plot Against the Royal Family

Levin contends that Harry and Meghan’s actions were part of a larger plot. According to her, they aimed to bring down the royal family and eliminate press coverage. Harry’s complex relationship with the media, including lawsuits against newspaper companies, adds to this narrative.

Prince Harry believes Meghan Markle ‘should take over as queen’

Kate Middleton’s Ongoing Battle

Complicating matters further is Princess Kate Middleton’s ongoing cancer battle, which could impact the future of the throne. As the royal family navigates these challenges, the question of succession remains at the forefront.

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