Kate Middleton will only meet Prince Harry on this one condition, royal expert claims

Kate Middleton will only meet Prince Harry on this one condition, royal expert claims

Prince Harry has only visited the UK a handful of times since he and Meghan Markle left the royal family for good years ago. His last trip was in February when the estranged Duke engaged in a short meeting with his father, King Charles, which reportedly ended with Camilla asking him to leave. Meanwhile, Harry hasn’t met his brother, Prince William, nor Kate Middleton since the coronation in May last year.

The relationship between Harry and Meghan Markle and the royal family has worsened with each interview, series, or book the Sussexes have released. Many have argued that they will never make amends, especially the Sussexes and Wales’, as the allegations and revelations about royal life Harry and Meghan have put forward are too much to handle. Meanwhile, others claim a reunion could be near as Harry is now revisiting the UK.

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Kate Middleton’s relationship with Meghan Markle hurt not only them but also Harry and William. The Princess of Wales’ cancer diagnosis was reportedly a way Harry and Meghan could make amends, but no one knows how that could happen. However, it appears that Kate could be open to a reunion with Harry — but only on one condition.

The royal family is in the middle of one of their toughest challenges in a very long time. King Charles has now officially been king for a year following his coronation in 2023, and this year, what was supposed to be a fresh start began with two crushing statements.

Prince Harry & Meghan Markle – relationship with the royal family

King Charles was diagnosed with cancer, and just months after Kate Middleton’s “planned” abdominal surgery, it was announced that she also had been given a cancer diagnosis.

The Princess of Wales had to endure a lot of criticism after she published the manipulated Mother’s Day of her and her children. Then, her cancer diagnosis hadn’t been revealed, and conspiracy theories surrounding her absence went viral online. Not only did social media users spread theories, but royal experts did also.

Meanwhile, as reported about her health filled newspapers worldwide, another big talking point was also addressed: Harry and Meghan.

On March 22, the Princess of Wales revealed she had been given a cancer diagnosis. At the time, she was in the “early stages” of treatment.

“As you can imagine, this has taken time. It has taken me time to recover from major surgery in order to start my treatment. But, most importantly, it has taken us time to explain everything to George, Charlotte and Louis in a way that is appropriate for them, and to reassure them that I am going to be ok,” Kate Middleton said in the video.

She then assured the public that she was “well” and “getting stronger every day.”

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After the diagnosis was revealed, people worldwide sent their well-wishes to the princess, including her family members, estranged or not.

Prince Harry ‘regret’ writing about Kate Middleton in his book, expert claims

When Kate was hospitalized in January, Harry and Meghan Markle sent their best wishes to her. Meanwhile, as Harry and Meghan were said to have received the news of Kate Middleton’s cancer diagnosis through the news, they also contacted her after her cancer diagnosis to show their support.

Sure, Meghan had revealed one or two things about her relationship with Kate MIddleton. However, Harry revealed even more in his book, Spare, for example, private text messages between his wife and the Princess of Wales.

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According to a royal expert, Harry most likely regrets what he wrote about Kate as she is going through this very challenging time.

Speaking with Us Weekly while promoting her book Elizabeth & Philip: A Story of Young Love, Marriage and Monarch, royal expert Tessa Dunlop claimed Harry now finds himself in a “painful place.”

“When you do discover that your sister-in-law has cancer and you’ve written stuff that can’t be retracted, that’s quite a painful place to be in,” Dunlop said.

“They deliberately criticize the monarchy [and then offer] themselves as an alternative to monarchy,” the royal expert added. “So then when the monarchy is in trouble, we do kind of make a comparison. Can Harry and Meghan really hold themselves off as the caring example now? They’re certainly going to have to be careful of their timing with any releases so that it doesn’t look opportunistic.”

The relationship between Prince Harry and Kate Middleton could be better, just like the one between Meghan and Kate. The two reportedly didn’t speak at all during Charles’ coronation, and even if it never was specified who thought it, reports suggest that several family members were revealed when Harry left the coronation shortly after the ceremony and didn’t have lunch with the royals.

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Samir Hussein/WireImage

Whenever Harry and Meghan Markle return to the UK, the question on everybody’s mind is whether he and the royals will reunite.

King Charles is very keen on reuniting with his estranged son and daughter-in-law, not least because of his grandchildren, Prince Archie and Princess Lilibet, whom he doesn’t get to spend time with as they live in the US.

Prince Harry returns to the UK

However, it looks like Harry and the royals will get another shot at making amends. On May 10, the Duke will attend a special service at St Paul’s Cathedral to mark the 10th anniversary of the Invictus Games, a competition in which wounded, injured, and sick servicemen and women, both serving and veterans, compete for their country.

Since leaving the royal family, Harry has been very engaged in assisting veterans in the best way he can, not least by giving them hope and happiness through competitions, which is how the Invictus Games started.

Next year, the Invictus Games will be arranged in Vancouver-Whistler. It will mark the seventh time the competition is arranged.

“Over 500 competitors from over 20 nations compete in adaptive sports, including the new winter sports: Alpine Skiing and Snowboarding, Nordic Skiing and Biathlon, Skeleton, and Wheelchair Curling, in addition to the core Invictus Games sports of indoor rowing, sitting volleyball, swimming, wheelchair rugby, and wheelchair basketball,” it reads on the Invictus Games website.

With Prince Harry back in the UK for a brief time, many believe this is the time he will sit down with the royals, discuss their differences, and, in some way, make amends.

It’s said that he and his brother, Prince William, haven’t spoken in months, and because of that, it’s easy to calculate that the same goes for Kate Middleton (despite the “get-well” messages).

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While Prince Harry reportedly is “very keen” to speak more to his father, especially following the cancer diagnosis, a reunion with William and Kate could be on the table.

Royal expert says Prince Harry should be “guest of honor” during UK return

While that is unknown, royal expert Mark Dolan suggests that the royal family should make Prince Harry a “guest of honor” and even let him stay at the prestigious Buckingham Palace.

“I think it is wrong that Harry won’t be staying at Buckingham Palace with his family…his other accommodation options are not great, Dolan said on GB News as per Express, adding that the royal should “find a way back for Harry.” However, he adds that Meghan Markle most likely would want the same thing.

“In families, as in friendships, I think you should have forgiveness. I think Harry should be staying at Buckingham Palace,” Mark Dolan continued. “He should be a guest of honor. He should have more than a blink, and you will miss it with his father, who, let’s not forget, is battling cancer.”

Dolan concluded by saying that he “think it’s time” for Harry to find a way back to the royals and that he is “big enough” to make his own decisions and “take responsibility” for what has happened.

“Give up the podcasts, the tell-all books, and the salacious interviews…Harry is no angel, but it is time to welcome back Britain’s prodigal son.”

While Prince Harry and Meghan Markle could argue that they don’t ‘need’ to reunite with their royal family, it’s different when bringing their children into the picture. Archie and Lilibet’s UK family have never been involved in their lives, and not having one connection to their cousins in Prince George, Princess Charlotte, and Prince Louis could affect them very negatively in the future.

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Max Mumby/Indigo/Getty Images

While Kate might not want to meet Meghan Markle, an opportunity to meet Prince Harry has arisen. However, royal expert Ingrid Seward says the Princess of Wales will only sit down with Harry if the Kin asks her to.

Kate MIddleton will meet Prince Harry on one condition

Speaking to the Mirror, Seward said that Harry’s return “might just give a clue” to how things really are within the royal family and his relationship with the Firm.

Meanwhile, the royal expert claims that a meeting with William is “unlikely.”

She told the Mirror, “It is highly unlikely Harry will see his brother after the insults Harry lobbed at him and Kate in print.”

“William has enough going on and doesn’t need the stress. But he might realize Harry will want to see Kate after her cancer diagnosis as they were once so close. It remains to be seen if Kate is willing and able to face up to it. Does she have the energy to begin to try and heal the rift between the brothers or will she prefer to remain in the background?”

Ingrid Seward concluded, “If the King asks, she will do it, but Charles, being the sensitive and understanding soul he is, would be unlikely to ask such a favor from his adored daughter-in-law. The time must be right, and it is not right now.”

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