This Is The Power Of Genes: Parents And Children Who Are Like Two Peas In a Pod!

They say that the power of love is unparalleled, but there’s another force that can astonish with its immense influence: the power of genetics! While we inherit traits from both our parents, there are occasions when a child strongly resembles just one of them. Sometimes, genes can skip generations, causing grandchildren, great-grandchildren, and even more distant descendants to bear an uncanny resemblance to their ancestors.
If you’re skeptical, take a look at this collection. You’ll be so amazed that you’ll likely rush to your family photo album to compare your own features with those of your relatives.


1. Grandfather and grandson


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It is not uncommon for genes to manifest themselves through a generation so that grandchildren become very similar to their grandparents. On the left 1948, on the right 2018.

2. Mum and daughter

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At the time of filming, the mum is 21 and the daughter is 27.

3. It’s like time has stopped

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On the left is my grandfather (1946), on the right his grandson (2016).

4. Mother and daughter

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5. Same look, same haircut

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Grandson on the left (90s), Grandfather on the right (40s).

6. Like porcelain dolls

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Mum on the left (1954), her daughter on the right (1992).

7. The power of genes is undeniable

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A grandmother in 1941 and a granddaughter in 1999 have the same genes.

8. Daughter looks just like her mum

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“My mother (left) was four years old in 1971. I (right) am four years old in 2001. I can see why people say we look alike.”

9. Genes affect more than just looks

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Mum and daughter at 6 years old. Both love basketball!

10. Same scene, but different decades

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Father and son at the age of 24.

11. It’s like looking in a mirror

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Father (1971) and son (1994).

Write in the comments who you are more like! Share your interesting story related to genes. And if you have photos of you and your parents and grandparents, send them in the comments!

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