The two sisters went on stage and performed the legendary song, which was well received

“Without you” by Mariah Carey was the 1990s’ biggest hit. Since then, many have attempted to emulate this singer’s success and outperform the original, but very few have been successful. Singing the vocally demanding composition at least at a level required a great deal of work.

You may be shocked to learn that little Anastasia and Victoria Petrik are the only Odessans who have accomplished this. The oldest girl, Vika, was sixteen at the time of the performance, and her sister was eleven. Nobody could have predicted their level of intensity and penetration when they took the stage to sing, but their voice enthralled the crowd from the very first note. Of them, the youngest was only six years old, and the oldest was fourteen. With the help of this challenging song, they were both able to showcase their talents. The jury was first skeptical of them because no one had ever tried that song before, and they knew it wouldn’t be successful. These sisters entered the stage looking confident and well-united.

The two sisters went on stage and performed the legendary song, which was well received

The jury felt that they ought to put on a routine display upon seeing them. But when girls with strong, endearing voices appeared on stage, the impression shifted and took a different turn. They were quick to understand and supportive of one another. even at that age. However, the fact remained the fact, and the performance was tremendous, all right. Thousands of hearts were won over by their voice as it echoed across the hall. People’s hearts were touched by every note of their music, evoking powerful feelings and ideas. They emerged as the day’s standout performers and victors thanks to their exceptional voice. They received appreciation as well. Along with highlighting the fact that the real vocalist and the asexual voice data were being imitated, it was also covered by major publications and television. Without inhibition, without excitement, and without hesitation, they submitted their number hand in hand. A performance like that truly merited praise and the title of victory. The jury’s perspective and way of thinking were only altered by them.

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