People want to tip less after restaurant server brags about earnings

After a restaurant server boasted on TikTok about how much she earns, the population of generous consumers are reconsidering how much they tip.

“It was a slow day,” writes Amanda, who shared receipts from a three-hour shift, where she earned $59 an hour.

But, her bragging was met with scrutiny from the online community, who are now vowing to tip less. Keep reading to learn why restaurant goers are fired up over this server’s post!

Amanda, a 23-year-old server at Texas Roadhouse in New York, will likely be seeing a drop in her earnings.

The young woman, known as @amanda4xx on TikTok, regrettably shared a clip, revealing her earnings from “a three-hour shift” at the restaurant, an American steakhouse chain that has comparable menu prices to other chains like Applebee’s or TGI Fridays.

People want to tip less after restaurant server brags about earnings
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She captions the post: “What I made in a [three-hour] shift at Texas Roadhouse! It was a slow day so I only worked for [three] hours.”

In the clip, she shows viewers customer receipts and how much she she earned from each table.

While we’re not sure exactly when her shift began, the receipts she shares shows it was after 6 p.m. on Friday, August 4, 2023.

Since weekend dinner shifts typically tends to be busy, there’s greater potential for higher earnings.

Customers often choose to dine out during these times, contributing to a bustling atmosphere in restaurants. This scenario suggests that Amanda may have had the opportunity to serve a considerable number of customers during her three-hour shift, potentially impacting her tips and overall earnings for the evening.

Here are the details of the bills, rounded off to the closest dollar:

  • $12 tip on a $48 check
  • $20 tip on a $101 check
  • $9 tip on a $46 check
  • $30 tip on a $130 check
  • $7 tip on a $49 check
  • $22 tip on a $113 check
  • $32 tip on a $127 check
  • $12 tip on a $62 check
  • $25 tip on a $74 check

It appears that most of her tips were paid via credit card, and the restaurant owes her $95.14. Combining this with her hourly pay of $9.00, Amanda’s total earnings for her short shift amounts to $150.14.

On average, taking into account both her base salary and tips, the server earned approximately $59.00 per hour during this shift.

Online users offer their own tips

Amanda’s TikTok video caused quite a stir among its 2.8 million viewers, the majority saying her clip offered a reason to tip less.

One cybernaut writes: “been seeing a lot of these videos lately and it helped realize I need to lower how much I tip thank you.” Echoing the same sentiment, a second adds, “And just like that my 15% tip just turned into a 5% tip. Thank you,” while a third writes, “most definitely tip less now thank you.”

A fourth, offering Amanda a tip of his own, jokes: “lol this is what happens when you brag about your tips #keeptoyourself.”

Meanwhile, another proposes the tips go to the people who make the food, not the ones who run it to their tables: “I’m paying for the food because I don’t want to cook…How do I tip the cooks?”

A retired cook adds an interesting layer to the discussion, revealing that in the restaurant industry, cooks and kitchen staff often don’t receive tips that are reserved for front-of-house positions like servers and bartenders.

Despite their higher base pay compared to servers, he said that the cooks – who play a crucial role in the dining experience – should be receiving much higher wages.

‘Get that cash’

But buried deep in the comments are a handful of followers offering Amanda praise, suggesting she must be really good at what she does.

People want to tip less after restaurant server brags about earnings
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“I tip according to the server’s performance, she must be an awesome server. Kudos to her,” writes one, while another adds, “she obviously is a good server. get that cash.”

Shortly after Amanda’s first post went viral, she shared a second clip on tips, this time from a four-hour weekday dinner shift.

On Tuesday, August 8, 2023 – receipts are stamped with times from 5 p.m. to just before 9 p.m. – Amanda earned $36 in hourly wages, $165 in tips, for a lump sum of $201, or $50.00 per hour.

It seems like the criticism didn’t hurt her earnings. At least not yet.

How much do you usually tip your server at a restaurant? Does Amanda’s post discourage you from generous tipping? Please share your thoughts with us and then share this story so we can hear what your friends have to say!

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