Princess Charlotte ’s reaction to Kate Middleton returning home from hospital is warming hearts

It’s been a trying time of late for the Royal Family, but it seems as though there’s finally good news on the horizon with regards to Kate Middleton.

The Princess of Wales spent 13 days in hospital after an unspecified abdominal procedure, and it’s been speculated that she will be out of action until at least after Easter where her official royal duties are concerned.

The general lack of information as to Middleton’s condition and well-being – admittedly par for the course where the royals are concerned – has hardly assisted in assuaging the fears of worried fans, but there are positive signs to be found.

Kate left hospital to continue her recovery at home in Adelaide Cottage, and reports suggest that she’s been doted upon by her family, including children Prince George, Princess Charlotte, and Prince Louis.

It’s previously been made clear to the public that Prince William will be taking a step back from his own duties in order to help nurse his beloved wife back to strength, but that may well have changed in light of King Charles’ shock cancer diagnosis.

Princess Charlotte ’s reaction to Kate Middleton returning home from hospital is warming hearts

Princess Charlotte

In any case, it appears as though Kate has no shortage of helpers at home, with a source having told OK! that her kids are “going overboard” in their attempts to assist in her recovery.

“They’re all going overboard to make sure she feels comfortable. Their house is filled with Kate’s favorite flowers, comfy blankets and pillows, and her go-to snacks.The family is just incredibly happy to have her back home at Adelaide Cottage,” the source revealed.

Indeed, it appears Princess Charlotte in particular wants to do all she can to help her mother in her time of need.

“They have been telling Kate stories, bringing tea and making her soup. Charlotte even arranged a spa day,” added the source, as per OK!. “She needs to rest, but Kate doesn’t have the heart to turn them away.”

Princess Charlotte ’s reaction to Kate Middleton returning home from hospital is warming hearts

BIRMINGHAM, ENGLAND – AUGUST 02: Prince William, Duke of Cambridge, Catherine, Duchess of Cambridge and Princess Charlotte of Cambridge pose for a photograph as they visit Sportsid House at the 2022 Commonwealth Games on August 02, 2022 in Birmingham, England. The Duchess became the Patron of SportsAid in 2013, Team England Futures programme is a partnership between SportsAid, Sport England and Commonwealth Games England which will see around 1,000 talented young athletes and aspiring support staff given the opportunity to attend the Games and take a first-hand look behind-the-scenes. (Photo by Chris Jackson/Getty Images)

By all accounts, Kate is recovering well at home, though new information from official sources is difficult to come by.

The latest from Kensington Palace was that the Princess’ procedure had gone well and she was making strides towards her recovery.

Here’s to wishing Kate Middleton well in her journey back to health!

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