King Charles thanks public for support after cancer diagnosis

King Charles has expressed his “deep gratitude” for the outpouring of support from the public, marking his first public statement since receiving a troubling diagnosis.

The 75-year-old monarch conveyed: “As all those who have been impacted by such circumstances will understand, such kind sentiments provide the greatest solace and motivation.”

The announcement of the diagnosis came from Buckingham Palace earlier this week.

The King is currently undergoing treatment for an unspecified medical condition and is presently residing at Sandringham.

His condition came to light during a medical examination for an enlarged prostate in January. While the exact nature of the condition remains undisclosed, the Palace confirmed it was unrelated to prostate issues.

In his expression of gratitude, he remarked: “It is equally heartening to learn how my own disclosure has fostered public awareness and shed light on the invaluable efforts of organizations supporting patients and families affected by such challenges throughout the UK and beyond.

“My lifelong appreciation for their unwavering commitment and compassion is further deepened by my own personal journey.”

King Charles thanks public for support after cancer diagnosis

King’s medical treatment

The King has withdrawn from all public engagements during his treatment, with senior members of the royal family – including Queen Camilla and the Prince of Wales – assuming some of his duties for specific events.

He departed Clarence House, London, for his Norfolk residence on Wednesday, accompanied by the Queen. Earlier that day, his younger son, the Duke of Sussex, made a brief visit from the US.

Analysis by Jonny Dymond, royal correspondent

“One must be seen to be believed” was a mantra of the late Queen Elizabeth II. However, the King will not be seen for a while, as his schedule of engagements is temporarily halted.

But his voice will be heard.

By royal standards, this statement is notably personal.

Not many individuals of his age choose to make their health a global topic of discussion. The King makes a deliberate effort to convey his hope that his openness has served a purpose.

Furthermore, he acknowledges the reality that, like countless cancer patients, he is now in the care of medical professionals. Like many patients, he emphasizes the vital work of healthcare providers, a sector he has encountered previously, but never in this context.

While the King’s gratitude for the flood of supportive messages is typical royal protocol, there is a deeper connection between man and monarch in confronting diagnosis and treatment – he expresses, in slightly different terms, the significance of these messages.

The Queen had previously stated that her husband was “deeply moved by the letters and messages received from all corners.”

During an event at Salisbury Cathedral, she described the support as “extremely heartening.”

Prince William also expressed appreciation for the well wishes directed toward his father and his wife, the Princess of Wales, who is recuperating from abdominal surgery. Her return to royal duties is expected after Easter.

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