Toddler thinks man pushing cart is Santa and his reaction melts the internet’s heart

There are certain men out there who have the appearance of Santa Claus. Just play along if you’re one of them and a kid thinks you’re the “genuine person.”

Fortunately, that’s precisely what one man did when a 3-year-old assumed he must be Father Christmas after encountering him in a store one day.

The video her mother shared online in response to their endearing connection quickly became popular.

She must have believed that Santa was out shopping.

In front of what appeared to be a range of frying pans for sale, the young girl approached the man.

It’s not as if Santa’s elves can make everything; we’re sure that he occasionally needs to go shopping himself.

The entire year must be spent manufacturing presents by the elves, and Santa must purchase his own cooking materials.

The man might have simply said, “No little girl, I’m not Santa,” and then continued on his way.

However, one individual chose to just go along with the notion that he is Santa Claus.

We consider the decision he made to be the greatest one.

“Santa? I’ve received much worse abuse, the man claims.

For a child, Santa is the largest celebrity there is, and it’s amazing for everyone to see a celebrity out in public!

Any youngster would have been thrilled to run into him at the store.

Even though you can visit Santa every year at a mall, this was Santa in a completely different setting.

It’s a completely different level of contact when Santa is just hanging out and going about his daily business.

The young girl is asked by “Santa” if she is looking forward to Christmas.

Her mother is filming this sweet exchange from a distance as the man bends down to chat to the girl while down on one knee.

This child will not be informed that she has not actually encountered the real Santa Claus. Why ruin such a precious day for her?

The internet is in awe of their endearing interaction.

The DailyPicksandFlicks YouTube channel uploaded the video to the internet.

Unsurprisingly, people have been smitten by the cute exchange between the girl and the man who she thinks is Santa Claus.

The man’s response demonstrated that Christmas magic truly exists. The holiday’s delight makes us want to spread cheer and goodwill.

This “Santa” is adored by all!

Many people who have watched this video have been moved by the sweet way he handled the matter, despite the fact that he is not the real Santa (I mean, maybe?).

Some people left comments on the video, like the one below.

“You become Santa Claus when you embody everything that Santa Claus stands for. That young girl was aware of who she was speaking to.❤️

“My dad kept having this happen to him, so he started acting as our town’s Santa. His entire outfit was purchased by my mother. He is the star of the parade in my hometown and rides on top of the fire truck. Then he takes photos with all the children. Another user commented, “It’s incredible how young kids’ eyes light up when he walks about in that suit.

“Observe the physical effort he expends to kneel and then stand up. He vaguely recollects my father’s final years, when even walking hurt. And he didn’t do it to dash a youngster’s hopes. I’m sure he’s a good man, someone else wrote.

He is Santa, fun fact. He is purchasing supplies for gifts at the mall, a viewer remarked (and might be correct about).

Check out the video below for a heartwarming experience!

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