Kind Guy Saves a Puppy That Was Using Footwear as Shelter

Thanks to this man, the tragic story’s happy ending were possible. Even today, Goran Marinkovic still takes care of stray dogs and abandoned animals. He was searching the Serbian roads one day for those animals in need. He discovered a puppy that was starving and living in a shoe that had been used as a shelter. It made him sad to see that. He even had trash around him.

In addition to the fact that the animal was left there, Goran noticed that he was alone with no other pet dogs. Therefore, he permanently changed the young puppy’s life by saving it.

He claims to enjoy all animals equally. And he has such respect for them.

The puppy was initially fed because it was starving and because its condition appeared to be getting worse. He took him to the vet, and after receiving the necessary care, Goran decided to keep him as a permanent member of the family.

He gave the pup the name Smesten. The owner gave him not only food but also comfort and enjoyable treatment. Smesten now has a very different appearance and is living a happy, healthy life!

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