Photo Of Miscarriage Was “Dug up”, Meghan Markle Was Extremely Angry Because Of Repeating Old “Wounds”

Meghan Markle was “crazy” when the paparazzi “revealed” the heartbreaking moment.

Meghan Markle and Harry live in America and have their own house and jobs that make money. However, they also encountered many scandals such as pretending to be fake, living fake lives… But it can be said that the biggest pain that came to the couple was the loss of their second child.

Meghan Markle revealed this to the New York Times, saying she had a miscarriage after feeling a “tight pain” while changing the diaper of her first son, Archie, in July. That day, she started The start of the day was like any other, feeding the dog, packing up Archie’s clothes and crayons, but then the pain hit and Meghan understood something was wrong.

Before Meghan Markle’s painful sharing, British royal fans waited for a reaction from Buckingham Palace. This time, the royal side was not silent. Talking to Us Weekly, a representative of Buckingham Palace said: “This is a deeply personal matter on which we will not comment.”

Photo Of Miscarriage Was “Dug up”, Meghan Markle Was Extremely Angry Because Of Repeating Old “Wounds”

The moment Meghan Markle came out of the maternity hospital with Prince Harry.

The answer is general, but in fact, some sources close to the royal family said that Prince Charles encouraged Harry and Meghan during the time they were fighting the pain of losing their child. The royal family also expressed their sadness at the loss the Sussexes are experiencing.

However, recently photos of Meghan Markle’s moments after leaving the maternity hospital last year were posted. Meghan Markle’s feelings were extremely bad when looking back at that painful moment. Meghan Markle was very upset and angry.

According to the “Finding Freedom” author, he also said that not only Meghan Markle was angry, but also Prince Harry was “crazy”. They don’t want to look back at the pain of the past.

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